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I don’t know a student who doesn’t love technology, and, amongst all the “essentials” such as YikYak and Instagram, you will find some gems to help you thrive at university. I have conveniently collected 10 of my most used apps for you…

Money and Budgeting!Monefy

It’s no secret that you’re probably not going to be rich at university, so keeping track of your money is a must. MONEFY is a safe and hassle-free budgeting app! It also neatly categorises your purchases, so you can easily see what you need to spend less on!


TrainWhether you’re new to university and want to find your way around, or travelling home for the umpteenth time, NATIONAL EXPRESS and TRAINLINE are perfect apps to buy coach or train fares. And with it on your phone, your parents doing your dirty laundry is closer than you think!

We’ve all probably had the scare about getting in a random taxi, that’s why a taxi app is essential; GETT is perfect as you can book them in advance and don’t need to fumble around for cash as it’s all done by card. You also get a free £15 ride the first time.


Everyone loves a good shop – but it doesn’t have to be ‘til you drop! UNiDAYS gives you access you all the student discounts and deals online and in store. It may be a little dangerous, but at least you’re not paying full price, right?

Ever needed to revise but just can’t stay away from your phone? SELF CONTROL FOR STUDY bans certain apps so that you won’t be distracted! On the topic of work, iBU is a perfect little app filled with campus maps, bus timetables, news updates and course timetables, so you will never be late to a lecture again!iBU

Your career!

If ever you are on the hunt for a job, a placement or want to start creating a CV, LINKEDIN is the ultimate app to do so! You can connect with lecturers, and even future employers and the great thing is, you can update your CV as you go!

Staying Connected!

FacebookWhile one of the best parts of university is making new friends, keeping in touch with ones from school is important. FACEBOOK is great for keeping up to date with everyone – whether it’s a ‘gap yah’ or hilarious night out photos, it’s always great for a quick snoop around!

By Lizzie Kiely

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