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MSc Marketing Management

Not everyone knows who they exactly want to become in the future before going to a university and most of them choose a major because it was the best option at that time. What if after completing your undergraduate programme, you realise that this isn’t really what you wanted? The answer, in my case, is to pursue a Master’s degree in another subject, the one which I know now will be useful for my chosen career direction.

I studied a Bachelor of International Business in Finland and it was a great experience. Back then I had no idea what it would be like to work in the business field and all I knew was that I wanted to work in an office, and the major I chose seemed to be covering everything. Then, I realised that although I have learnt all areas of business, it was a little bit of each, and that it actually taught me to be an entrepreneur. It was great doing what it was built to do, but after I had gained enough knowledge, I decided I want to become a marketer.

I then thought about whether I should study another undergraduate programme, which turned out to be a time-consuming solution, or take a Master’s degree. After evaluating the options I went for the latter. I began searching for courses and I chose the UK because their programmes are shorter than most of those all around the world and what led me to BU was that the course is highly ranked with an affordable tuition fee.

Anh-Ambassadors Easter ambassadors

I have had great experiences and great memories here at BU. The course is up to my expectations plus there are many opportunities to participate in activities, clubs and societies. I applied to be a marketing and communications student ambassador and I got the place. Since then I have had various chances to do marketing related jobs such as blogging, running workshops to introduce the uni and assisting in lots of different events. I believe what I’m doing will be very helpful for my career later on and I thank myself for making the decision to study further.

It’s difficult to decide whether to continue your studies as you may have to give up your job, pay more money, and accept that you have to stop walking on the path you once chose, but it’s for the future’s sake. I’d say be brave, believe in yourself and be proud of your decision because it’s your life, you should live it your way.

By Anh Ngu

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