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Nowadays when considering studying abroad it’s easy to get lost in tons of options, even universities in non-English speaking countries are offering various English-taught courses. I am studying a Master’s degree in Bournemouth and as a person who has been through the decision-making journey I’d like to share with you guys some thoughts of why I chose the United Kingdom out of all the other countries.


Native language is English

Studying in an English-speaking country is always a better choice because for those countries speaking English as a second language, their grammar as well as pronunciation cannot be as good as native speakers’. Personally I really love the British accent and the royal, formal style of spoken and written language here. Another benefit is that you can practise your English anywhere with anyone and that enhances your language skills a lot, unlike in some countries English can only be used within an educational environment. If you want to find a job, or even to ask for directions, some people would expect you to speak in their native language, otherwise they won’t be very helpful even though they may also speak English.

Shorter length of study

If you’d say, for example, America, Australia and Canada also speak English, I’d say I chose the UK for the fact that their programmes are generally shorter than others around the world. Undergraduate degrees usually take three years to complete and postgraduate programs only last for 1-2 years. Isn’t it great that you can gain crucial work experience while others haven’t even graduated yet?

Lots of scholarship schemes

When you apply to universities here in the UK, they often automatically consider if you will qualify for a tuition fee discount based on your previous academic achievements. Furthermore, there are many scholarships, across all subject areas, including, for example at Bournemouth University, a full tuition fee waiver.

I love their architecture and culture

The UK is well-known for a long history, rich culture and an ancient presence with a lot of royal buildings and classical architecture. To be honest, I fell in love with the country at first sight while I was just doing searches for images on Google!  Surprisingly, as classy as it is, the UK is very multicultural and international students are more than welcome here.Trip-to-London-ed

Easier to travel in Europe

And yes this was one of the main reasons leading me to this promising land. From the UK it’s very easy to travel around Europe and on an affordable budget. You can go by plane (Bournemouth International Airport flies to over 20 destinations!), by train or even by car if you have one.  However it’s really confusing for me as the UK itself has lots of amazing destinations; I haven’t been able to explore them all yet. But anyway, my European journey will start this summer yayyyy!!!

I hope I’ve given you guys more information about studying in the UK and whatever your decision is, a life abroad is truly worthwhile so go and get discovering the world!

By Anh Ngu

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