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LLB (Hons) Law

Patricia-Belgium-tripOne of my favourite things to do is travel! I’m not really fussy where I’m going; it’s usually the excitement of going away from normality to a new environment that makes me want to go. You can only imagine the eagerness I had when I found out there was an opportunity to travel on my course while at Bournemouth University. For those who don’t know I am a final year studying Law. In my second year at BU, there was the opportunity to go on an all-expenses paid trip to Belgium!

So there we were, all 25 of us on the coach on a very early and bleary Monday morning, with coffees in our hands and eyes just about open enough to see the coach departing Dover for Calais. The trip was amazing – not only did I learn about the EU Union from the Belgian students’ perspective, but it also allowed me to interact with others on the trip that weren’t in the same course but shared the interest (I still keep in touch with them today!). The trip offered me valuable information but also facilitated freedom to do my own research, oh and did I mention it was free!

Patricia-course-tripOkay okay, not everyone will have the opportunity for trips like this, however, many courses do have mini-trips (usually within the UK). With my course in particular we have often gone to London to see the Royal Courts of Justice, Houses of Parliament and the Inns of Court (basically this is where all the barristers hang out and they sort themselves into houses – a bit like Hogwarts in Harry Potter).

Course trips give you the opportunity to see how the theory of what you’re learning at uni is applied in practice. It also allows you toPatricia-course-trips speak with the people who were in your shoes and have “been there and done that.” From this you can get practical advice and, if your networking skills are to be reckoned with, connections that can do you wonders in the long run!

So what I am saying? Basically, if there is a course trip, don’t be afraid to sign up for it. There are fantastic gems that come around every now and then. If it happens to come around in your cycle, don’t miss it!

Good luck!

By Patricia Obawole

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