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Elena-Pagliei-smallDuring my last year at high school I remember feeling very confused about my future, not knowing what my vocation was. My passion for films got me to look into VFX, and I eventually decided to undertake one of the courses that are part of the NCCA (National Centre for Computer Animation). Back then I didn’t really know that there were so many specializations in this field, which led to even more confusion for the first two years! However I knew that being at BU was the best thing for me, given its well-known reputation and the very strong connections with the VFX industry. I moved forward knowing that I was in the best place to find out what I really wanted to do.

Even though I was enrolled on a very technical course, working with other students from media courses made me realize that I had a real interest in film & TV production. The opportunities for collaboration within the media courses are countless, as every student needs a crew to complete their assignments, and everyone is eager to work on projects that can enrich their curriculum and showreels. Therefore, I did not miss a chance to get involved,whether it was a short film, a TV pilot or an animation project.

At this point I started looking into combining my two interests, and I considered the possibility of undertaking a career in VFX production.

In my third year, I decided to move from BSc (Hons) Software Development for Animation, Games & Effects to a top-up year in BA (Hons) Global Media Practice. Here I got the chance to work on a few open brief projects, through which I loved brainstorming. I experimented with being a writer, director and producer on a cross-platform project and a documentary, which were part of my course assignments. At the same time I co-directed the second edition of the student international film festival “BUtiful”. All these activities made my time at BU unforgettable and they really boosted my CV.


On my last year at university a new festival took place, the BFX, that brilliantly supports and celebrates VFX and animation productions. This event has further developed the importance of Bournemouth as a centre for computer animation and digital effects, creating a vibrant opportunity for discussion, education and recruitment. It is in fact by creating contacts at the BFX that I obtained my first job in the industry.

I am now a Producer at The Mill, a multi award-winning VFX and post-production company with offices in London, LA, Chicago and New York. My role consists of managing VFX and animation projects from beginning to end, ensuring they are delivered on schedule and on budget. My responsibilities include breaking down scripts, bidding, keeping track of resources, coordinating artists and managing client relationships. Given our wide range of creative and technical skills, I get to produce various types of jobs, from character animation to CG/live action integration. I am surrounded by amazingly talented artists every day and I love being involved at all stages of the productions.

All this started at BU. The opportunities I seized during my time at university are the reason why I have achieved what I wanted. It has been a great way to start my journey, giving me the confidence to aim to reach higher and further.

By Elena Pagliei

Want to follow in Elena’s footsteps? Although we no longer offer BA (Hons) Global Media Practice, you might be interested in BA (Hons) Media Production.

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