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BA (Hons) Media Production

I think one of the biggest positives about life at university is the varied life you get to lead! It’s completely different from school and college or sixth-form because you don’t have the same regimented schedule.

Of course it depends course to course, but my course Media Production wasn’t the same experience as school, being caught up in lessons five days a week from 8:30 – 3. Seminars, lectures and workshops are very spread out and there is a lot less contact time, which allows for independent study (or sleeping in, if you’re cheeky!).

To give you an idea of what a week at university looks like, I’ve taken a picture of each day of my week so you can see my week in pictures!

Day One: Thursday 12 May

Day 1

Today I was at home in Lincoln with my family and it was such amazing weather we got to have lunch together outside!

I also spent time with my little nieces playing in my Grandad’s vintage car before I hopped on a train back to Bournemouth. Although it’s important to get on with your studies, it’s also important to catch up with family and visit home every now and again, even if it’s as far away as mine!


Day two: Friday 13 May

Day 2

Friday was very different from the norm for me. As I’m 3rd year now and towards the end, I don’t have contact hours with my lecturers, so that we all have time to complete our final project, which is essentially a dissertation. My friends Grace and Frankie decided to do a live projection mapping performance as theirs and I was on camera filming the performance.

Day three: Saturday 14 May

Day 3

An unfortunately sunny Saturday spent in the editing suite, editing my own final project, a short film. Not to worry, as I had a great evening treating myself to a take-away with my lovely friends while the drama of Eurovision unfolded.


Day four: Sunday 15 May

I let myself have a bit of a chilled out morning (no, not sleeping in! But yes, also sleeping in…) doing one of my favourite hobbies, baking! With baked treats in hand I did some editing on my film.

Day five: Monday 16 May

A productive Monday! My foley recordist for my film Will and I spent the day jingling keys, spinning bills and popping bubble wrap to make foley sounds needed for my film. It felt odd, but we got the effect we wanted in the sound.

Day six: Tuesday 17 May


Tuesday was a slower day writing references for everyone who worked on my film for me, before heading to see another film, the new Captain America. Yes, it was amazing.

Day 6b

Day seven: Wednesday 18 May

What?! A day off? Yes, I was off to GoApe with my friends for a birthday, where I achieved this massive bruise by falling off a plank onto the rope handrail. Perhaps I didn’t go ape enough.

I recovered with a lovely paella made by friends Laura and Grace and had a nice catch-up.

So third year and indeed all your years at uni can be pretty busy at times, especially for me with a refreshing variety of things to do for my course, but with Bournemouth having so many fun places to visit and the amazing people you meet here, I can promise you this – you will never be bored!

By Sophie Arnold

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