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BA (Hons) Politics & Media

I don’t suppose I could justify loving my course at BU because I’m beside the beach, could I?  Didn’t think so… Well of course living by the sea is an amazing selling point of BU if you’re struggling to pick a course at two separate universities.

I love Politics & Media because it is so different to any of the other courses I had applied to do at other universities. It has been so much fun here at BU. In one of my introductory seminars I even got the chance to eat Margaret Thatcher – albeit on a cupcake but it’s certainly an experience I would re-enact!

cake margaret thatcher

BU is great for my course as there are only 16 of us in the whole of second year, so no excuse for everyone not to know each other’s names – after all we could be running the country one day!

You would be wrong to think my course is just politics! I have had the opportunity to study aspects of different degrees from marketing and psychology to the history of politics. This has given us the opportunity to take a step into other career paths that our degree could lead to.

Lydiaconference echo

At BU, I have been given lots of opportunities to be involved in projects outside of my studies. In January myself and a number of my peers set up a political conference for sixth form students from local schools to tell them the importance of voting. Our event had media coverage from the local Bournemouth newspaper and we had political representatives from each party. I loved putting this event together and hearing the good reviews from the students and party members made it very rewarding! BU gave us this opportunity, and I haven’t heard any other universities doing the same!

Lydia conference 2 Lydai conference bennett

BU has also let my course enter the fields of journalism and television by covering the 2015 General Election results over night on these media outlets. This project was very exciting to hear about, but unfortunately I was unable to be involved as I was actually counting the votes!

As well as living in a beautiful part of the country, the main reason why I love studying Politics & Media at BU is because of the variety I have in my degree and the things I’ve been able to do.


By Lydia Keys

Lydia is studying BA (Hons) Politics & Media, which has now been renamed BA (Hons) Politics. Visit our website to find out more about this course.

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  1. Divine Mckengo

    Lovely post! I wasn’t sure about this course for next year but you’ve really sold me on it! Thank you!


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