Katrina’s Clearing story

It’s easy to feel like you have lost all chances of pursing your dreams when you’re rejected from all of your chosen universities on results day. There will be plenty of thoughts running through your mind, ‘I’m sure I aced that exam,’ ‘Surely they marked it wrong,’ ‘No university will accept these grades’. But you… Read more »

The average cost of a night out

It’s quite a broad question which can be answered in detail or with one simple figure. That one figure being £30. The detailed answer is more complex and so I have written this post specifically for Bournemouth and its students.  So here are my four points to consider when budgeting for a night out: Travel… Read more »

Studying Economics at BU

I am currently half way through my first semester at BU in the framework of Accounting & Finance. Now, you may be thinking, where does Economics come in? At BU, whether you are an Economics student or an Accounting/Finance student you will all study the same units in the first year. To start with, this… Read more »

My first month at BU

University is the biggest change in your life and can be taken in many ways. Some choose to embrace every aspect by joining societies, working hard, spending money and going out in the evenings. I like to have a balance of all four of these things. At first, as it was Freshers’ Fortnight, I tended… Read more »

My uni application story

For me, applying to university was an absolute mess. The process began in November, which seemed rather early, but trust me this is the time to start. I was extremely excited so was quick to sign up for university open days. I simply picked the first subject that came to my mind as a likely… Read more »