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nerve-2My name is Charlie and I am just about to go into my second year of studying multimedia journalism – I lived in the party central that is Cranborne House.

Why did I choose Cranborne? It’s the home away from home. When I came to Bournemouth university open day, the accommodation I was shown was Cranborne and from that moment, I knew this is where I wanted to live and spend my first year. The location, the freedom of having my own room and the idea that I could meet so many different people in my own home was mind blowing. Let’s just say, there is never a dull moment living in Cranborne.

My room was a standard ensuite room, which was the perfect size to make my own. With a desk built in and a single bed, the room felt spacious and certainly not cramped. Work and leisure are combined in one room, which you can make your own (just don’t leave too many scratches on the walls). The en suite was a bonus as it meant I could quickly hop out of bed, have a shower, get ready and go to uni with no worries about queuing and being late.

Being able to share a flat with six other people made the time so much more enjoyable. You really do become like a little family, and don’t forget about the neighbours. Make sure that you introduce yourself as they can become your extended family too.


With the bus stop just outside the front door, you have absolutely no excuses to be late for your lectures. The bus runs every ten minutes, so you can quite literally roll out of bed and onto the bus. The Old Fire Station is a five minute walk from the halls, making those Friday night Lollipop sessions more accessible to reach. And if you’re every worried about anything at all, there is always security at the front desk, 24 hours a day, and they could not be more helpful or caring if they tried. The staff really made me feel comfortable and at ease, which is exactly what you want.

Everyone worries about leaving home for the first time, and trust me, I was a wreck. But Cranborne is a home away from home. It’s friendly, it’s fun, it’s an experience. No matter how hard they try to hide it, everyone is feeling the exact same stomach churning emotions as you. My biggest worry was that I wasn’t going to be accepted by my flat mates and that I would spend my first year on my own. But as soon as I stepped through the door, I was greeted with such warmth and positivity, it was amazing.

I guess this was also my favourite part about living in halls. All the worries I had, became the highlights of my year. Becoming independent makes you feel like your own person and you can learn things about yourself that you never knew going down this road. But also, making new friendships that will last a lifetime, because you experience everything together for the first time. It really does make your first year that much easier.

If I was a fresher again, I would tell myself to live and enjoy the moment just a little more. I am your idea of a worry wart, I was petrified about everything. But I would say enjoy being part of everything and make sure that you join lots of societies as it is such a great way to build up your friendship group outside of your course. Just make the most of your time here at Bournemouth, because for me, it has really changed my life for the better.

Originally published on Nerve Media.

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