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Lowri-RobertsI wanted to do my undergraduate degree in Maritime Archaeology – only offered at Bournemouth. However, the year before I applied was the last year they offered it and I was left thinking, ‘what am I going to do now?!’ After researching, I discovered that at that time, three universities in the country offered a Master’s degree in Maritime Archaeology. From then on, at the age of 18 my heart was set on it and really, my undergraduate degree in Archaeology was merely a stepping stone to where I really wanted to be. Even though that is the case, I have absolutely no regrets and believe that a background in straight Archaeology opens many doors for me and gives me an advantage.

Bournemouth viewI also decided that personally I would prefer pursuing education to Master’s level at the same establishment where I had completed my undergraduate degree. My hope was that after three years there, I would have settled, made a life for myself and established a great connection with staff. For this reason, those three universities were really my only contenders and after visiting some of the others, I knew Bournemouth was the one. Just look at the views you get, along with a great university.

Even though some of those who studied with me at undergraduate level and became some of my best friends have now moved on, the buildings, staff and familiarity remain the same. Now that I’m on the course, it’s everything I had hoped and more. I have met so many new people and love the fact that there is a mix of international students as you get an insight in to so many different cultures. The course offers a great mix of theoretical and practical work and several field trips which is brilliant for those like me who love a good day out. The other brilliant thing is that some parts are taught off campus, for example we had a few days at the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovil working behind the scenes which was absolutely amazing (as seen in these two ridiculous pictures).For another unit in May, we are actually going to Florence, Italy!

Lowri Fleet 2 Lowri Fleet

There are also several opportunities to partake in extracurricular activities related to our degree including volunteering at the local museum and building a Bronze Age Boat using authentic tools and techniques! Here I am on the Bournemouth University Shipwrex project (find us on Facebook!) making rope out of nettles.Archaeology

And hey, which Maritime Archaeology Master’s would be complete without a spot of diving?! Here I am loving life conducting an underwater survey in a pool as part of my degree. Couldn’t get any better.Diving

By Lowri Roberts

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