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michelle-lillywhiteSo, you’ve registered and checked out the halls of residence online – but what are you going to do for the whole day? Here’s my guide to making the most of the Open Day.

Print off the diary of events

Each faculty delivers seminars on so many things about what they have to offer you, from course talks and finance talks to introduction seminars about being a student at BU. Make sure you know which talks you want to attend and circle them on the table of events – then you won’t miss anything!

Go on a campus tour

You want to see where you’ll be studying, right? So when you arrive at the welcome desk you will be directed to where the campus tours are going to start from. If you have time before the first seminars then head out and check out the grounds. If you are doing a course which has a technical element or a suite of facilities then make sure you see them, as we are so proud of our facilities and we like to show them off – plus you get to see where your learning is going to take place.


Go on a bus tour

Seeing as you will be having (some) free time while you study, head out on the bus tour and have a look at the town centre and all the amenities we have here – plus the beach, obvs!! The bus tour also takes you to have a look round a typical flat in student halls so you can start thinking about where you are going to put your stuff when you move in! Get in quick to go on one which doesn’t get in the way of the seminars.


Visit the exhibition hall

During the seminars all the lecturers always ask ‘Any questions?’ but we know this is scary, so we also have lecturers at stands in the exhibition hall to answer anything you want to know. Plus, you can speak to admissions about all of your qualifications and find out what’s relevant and what might not be. The Student Union (SUBU) is there, giving advice about moving to uni, as we know it can seem scary. Plus you can speak to askBU who simply know everything about everything and in the small case they don’t they will find out for you and email you back – always handy!

Michelle ambassadorRelax and enjoy the day

Might seem simple, but as an Ambassador I do see a lot of people worrying about whether they’ve asked everything, seen everything, done everything… Don’t panic! We aren’t going anywhere, so you can come back and visit again, or message the admissions tutors, or speak to askBU, or look on the website – phew!!

All that’s left is to think of all the fun stuff you are going to do when you accept your place and come to BU – and maybe you will be an Ambassador too and be able to support prospective students when they come to visit.

If you need me though I shall be in Bournemouth House reception and on the bus tours, you can’t miss me as I’ll be in a bright pink T-Shirt welcoming you, so come along, enjoy the day and welcome to BU – I think you are going to love it!!

By Michelle Lillywhite

If you haven’t registered for an Open Day yet, head to our website to book your place.

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