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By Sanita Lustika

Third year BU student, BA (Hons) Digital Media Design

I’m a final year Digital Media Design student and I’ve been a student ambassador for all 3 study years. Over the time I’ve come to love doing Media School facility tours. I enjoy the atmosphere in the school and at this point I can honestly call it my second home, with 4 weeks till the final project hand-in.  

Today I will quickly walk you through Media School, however it always looks more impressive in person, so do come to the Open Days and see for yourselves.

First of all I’m very lucky with the facilities that we have. There are TV studios, news recording studios, sound recording studio and a kit room, which has all the technical goodies you can imagine. In these 3 years I’ve been taught how to use all sorts of equipment, with an hour of producing my own sound effects last year being my all-time favourite.

As you go through the upper floors you come across different rooms which meet course needs. My course has 3 large screen Mac rooms, which are amazing when doing digital design. This comes in particularly handy before hand-ins, when using my 24 hour access to the building, I can work as long as it takes to make the projects (almost) perfect and make myself a lot of coffee in our kitchen along the way.

The corridors are usually filled with posters for events and opportunities. We get quite a few animation, marketing and communication, digital media and TV industry speakers throughout the year and a lot of the time anyone from Media School can go. I particularly enjoyed Futurerising event, which was a day of 5 digital agency speakers and networking chance afterwards. On a normal day you can see students filming shows near the entrance or doing little projects somewhere in the corridors.

I’m proud of being involved with BUtiful film festival for the last two years, which was founded by my friend when he was in his first year. If there is one thing you can take from that it is – if you have an idea, your lecturers will help you make it happen!

And finally if you walk up to the 3rd floor there is a Hall of Fame for Multimedia Journalism. It shows the quality of our students work and the contacts we have with our previous graduates, who come back for some more ‘fresh blood’ for the companies they work in. That’s how I and several other guys from my course got our placements and I can now see the same happening with 2nd years now.

Coming to the finish line of my course I can say that it has been an amazing time and the only thing I would do different if I could do it again is to get involved more!

3 Responses to “Media School from a final year’s perspective”

  1. Pavlos

    Hi, need to know how convenient is it to study at Talbot campus and live in other houses besides the student village. I’ll be studying Computer Animation next September
    Choosing accommodation what are the options with which other students kitchen will be shared with

    Thank you and looking forward to your reply.


    • shedger

      Hi. it depends on your personal preference, if you’d like to live on Talbot Campus then we’d recommend the student village, if you fancy being closer to the town centre then we’d recommend choosing one of our many halls of residence (all of which are very similar inside in terms of room sizes and living space, maybe have a flick through the photos in our Facebook albums to compare). Alternatively if you’d like to escape the hustle and bustle of halls we’d recommend opting to stay in a unilet house.

      It’s very convenient living in one of the halls of residence at the Lansdownce Campus, the BU buses run between both campuses on a regular basis and the cost of your BU bus pass will be included in the cost of your accommodation. All accommodation have shared kitchens, unless you choose to stay in a studio room which are slightly higher in price. You can view the price guide online at


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