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When can I apply for accommodation?

We’re just putting the finishing touches to our new accommodation portal.

  1. If you have selected BU as your firm choice, you’ll be able to start part 1 of the process when we go live
  2. If you have selected BU as your insurance choice, you’ll be able to start the process once you’ve met the conditions of your offer and know you’re coming to BU.

How does the application process work?

The process is in 2 parts – 1st part is letting us know if you would like to select your own room or get BU to allocate for you. Also telling us a little bit about yourself to share with other housemates when you come to actually book accommodation. The 2nd part of booking your accommodation is when you have got your results or if you already have your results, when we open up the bookings.

There is nothing for you to do at this stage, other than have a look at the different accommodation options on our website.  We’ll be in touch when the portal is live and send you your login details. We’ll also keep you updated on our Facebook page.

I’ve been made an offer at BU – when can I visit?

The next opportunity to visit us is Saturday 14 June, at our Undergraduate Open Day. To book, please visit our website.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it, we have an open campus policy during working hours at our campuses and there are self-guided tours you can take at your convenience. Follow this link to download a copy of our self-guided tour

If you have any specific questions regarding your course, you can either call or email the askBU office, or pop into the askBU office at Royal London House on the Lansdowne Campus and we will be able to help you.

Can I still apply?

The easy answer is yes, we are still accepting applications! But do please check the individual course you are applying for on our website to see if it is open for ‘Late Applications’, ‘UCAS Extra’ or both as this can affect if you are able to apply or not depending on your personal circumstances.

I have learning difficulties, what support is available on campus?

Whatever your additional learning needs may be, we want to offer you the best opportunity to succeed with your studies. To enable us to identify the appropriate support for you, you will need to disclose your additional learning need when you apply, and to then get in touch with our Additional Learning Support (ALS) Team once you have secured your place,

We will support you to learn and provide you with strategies so that you are not only empowered to achieve the required academic standards but also have the employability skills needed during placements and beyond graduation.

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  1. Kerry Barker

    I am studying adult nursing in September , I was wondering when I can apply for accommodation an student funding.


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