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“What is Uni like?!” you cry. “How much time do you have?!” we reply.  It’s a journey and no two journeys are the same but we can give you a rough idea of what to expect. Study-wise there’ll be concepts you grasp straight away followed by theories you just can’t get your head around. There’ll be modules you love and some you just can’t stand, whilst getting past word number 4 when writing that 4,000 word essay may seem like the biggest hurdle you’ve ever faced. Don’t worry, this is normal. Just go with it and help is always at hand if needed.

You’ll get to experience everything Bournemouth has to offer in all seasons. Party animals can party hard, culture vultures can see some of the best sights in the UK, and foodies can try cuisines they’ve never heard of.  Either way, you’ll meet many new people along the way. Some may like and some may dislike intensely but the good news is that there will be many you’ll love!  Indeed, many students make friendships that last a lifetime.

Now you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside, we can tell you about the flipside. You may need to pull a few all-nighter study sessions before exams that feel like they’ll never end.  If you can’t cook and you don’t choose good cooks as friends (best advice ever) then pasta will become your best mate. You may even miss your parents (though right now you think that’s hilarious) and you’ll probably resent the fact that you now have to do your own laundry.  Oh, and the hangovers. You may experience the type where it feels like an angry sumo wrestler has packed sausage meat into your eye sockets, stapled your head to the floor and has then body slammed you repeatedly.  Like we said, it’s a journey!

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