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Your personal statement is your opportunity to tell us as much information as you can about yourself and why you want to follow a particular course, and as such it forms the most important part of your application.

We recommend you come along to an Open Day where you can speak with the Tutors and Administrators for your particular course and find out what we look for in a statement as well as finding out some other really useful stuff.

Generally speaking, you need to try and include these five areas in a healthcare course statement:

Insight    Experience     Commitment       Skills     Motivation

Insight – Tell us about your understanding of the role of your chosen profession/professional and discuss why this really interests and why you think you would be good at it.

Experience – Tell us what you have LEARNT from your work experience/s and the skills it has taught you.

Commitment – Focus your statement on your chosen profession.  Tell us what you have done to commit to researching and experiencing your chosen profession.

Skills – Tell us what skills you believe are required to perform the role of your chosen professional and relate them back to yourself.    What transferable skills have you acquired.

Motivation – What has motivated you to pursue this profession.   Why do you want to study this course.  What courses / qualifications / research / reading have you undertaken with your chosen profession in mind.

Tips :

  • Start by making a list of everything you have done and then work out what would be good to talk about
  • Many people will be applying with similar grades so it is important that you show why you deserve a place. Anything that shows commitment, focus and passion is a good start
  • State why you are interested in a particular course, and then support this with evidence
  • Be explicit about skills and qualities – Whenever you say you have a skill or quality demonstrate how, where and when you acquired it
  • Do not duplicate information which is already in your application (i.e. grades)
  • Information about your hobbies and interests are valued but should not dominate your statement.

Good luck!

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