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BSc (Hons) Forensic Science

By Carlyle Collins (Guyana)

1st year BU Student, BSc (Hons) Forensic Science

BU is a modern university with innovative courses and excellent facilities for student usage and so much more describe Bournemouth University (BU) that I would literally need multiple blogs to say it all!

So I will deal with one aspect of BU that has made the most significant impact on my transition into University in a foreign country and culture.

The members of staff at this University are amazing! This was one of the things that impressed me about this Uni from over 4,000 miles away. Whilst preparing to come to Uni I was in constant contact with different memebers of staff- and I must say I had A LOT of questions! Some of them may have been silly and paranoid but I NEEDED to have answers! Guess what? The staff were absolute legends in dealing with me!! I must apologise for the exclamation marks but I was really impressed! They always made me feel that my concerns were important to them when they responded. Their efficiency was admirable too. They responded so quickly it was mind boggling to think that they may be possibly dealing with thousands of other applicants also.

And when I got to BU this did not change. As one lecturer told me at the International Students’ Welcome Reception, ‘I work with you. No, no, no- I work for you’. It thus far seems as if all of the staff share this work ethic. My lecturers always reply, in good time, to emails sent and they have their office hours posted if you need to meet them personally. The way they are always available to help with work makes Uni life so much more comfortable.

There is a section of the staff the Uni’s administrators have decided to name ‘askBU’ that I find invaluable. The askBU Student Services team is where you can go and ask for help or advice about things that may be troubling you or things that you may be uncomfortable with. Once more I MUST say these people are very professional, friendly and efficient! I’ve been there to ask where certain rooms are located (I even asked where is the nearest toilet!), what to do about housing issues and also what bus I needed to catch to go a certain location. This service is totally awesome!

Being away from the comfort of home and the protective wings of parents, a caring staff is something I needed and I’m sure you will too! These people will make your stay at BU a great one!

Remember this is just a small peek at what is great about this Uni. When you begin to find out more the better question to ask would be: what ISN’T great about BU?!

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