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carlyle-collinsI am sure there are hundreds of ‘to do lists’ floating around your news feed about what you need to complete before attending uni. Don’t worry, I’ll not swamp you with too much info. I will list my top four things I think you should try to do before you get here. Let’s get to it!

First things first. Food. I love to eat. Even if you don’t love to eat, you need to. Therefore, cooking is the first thing on my list. I’d say totally enjoy and savour this year of being under your parents’ roof. Appreciate the food! After all, there will be many evenings you get home after lectures and wish for Mom’s food! ….. Not that I’m trying to scare you…. But as you enjoy it, learn as well. Ask questions, observe, and volunteer to cook a meal for the home. Try to do this on a regular basis. It’ll put you in good stead at uni!

Side note: Even further, I’d say to perfect your favourite meal. That’ll be a bonus. It’ll keep you from running home every other weekend. If you live fairly locally, that may not be a problem, but for me I’m sure my mom would not appreciate me flying over 4,000 miles for a meal!

Cooking - Carlyle

Secondly, probably as important as food, but not as exciting, is the major issue of budgeting. After you’ve applied to university and you have got an idea of the student loans and/or grants that you may be receiving, my advice would be to draw a rough plan of how you would use it. Ask advice at home, check online for help or even the university’s website can help. Budgeting is not easy. I’m sure some grown folks are still working out the best way to ensure a reasonable spread of their earnings. You have got a chance to start now. Practice makes perfect.

Tip: BU has different types of bursaries and scholarships available to students. Apply! The extra cash will be useful.

Thirdly, have a look at all the stuff you can do while at uni. BU has an infinite number of clubs or societies for you…. Okay, not infinite, but you are spoilt for choice! Have a look, so that you have an idea what you will look for when you arrive.

N.B. Like me, you may end up choosing so much that you won’t have the time for them all! But it’s all good.


Finally, rest. The first few weeks of uni, especially, can be full on. So there is no use coming all tired and exhausted. Have fun on your last summer before uni, but find some time for some R&R before you get here because you’ll need all the energy you can find!

I repeat. You will need as much energy as you can muster.

By Carlyle Collins

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