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Swapping Courses

We can all be a little indecisive at times, if you’ve had a sudden change of heart and would like to swap your course choice, it may be possible. Just pop the programme administrator an email, you’ll find their contact details on your offer letter, and they’ll do their best to help. Please note however, that everyone is viewed individually and it is at the discretion of the admissions team. Many of our courses are delivered in frameworks, so being considered for something similar may be possible. If you feel that the course you applied for definitely isn’t for you, and want to try another subject instead, please make sure your personal statement is suitable. We don’t normally encourage swapping applications unless you are completely sure, but please do give us a buzz so we can chat things through to see if it’s the best choice and if it is possible.


If you’re studying at another University and would like to come to BU to complete the rest of your course, please do get in touch with us at Acceptance of an applicant depends on whether we have a place in the requested year of entry and if the course modules you have already covered at your current University are compatible with what we offer on our course. You can find details of the course modules on each of the BU course webpages. Please send us a breakdown of your current degree and qualifications to date (including subjects and grades achieved). If you would prefer to chat with us over the phone just call 01202 961916, we’re happy to help!


We do require a reference to support your application, however we understand it’s a busy time of year and it can take some time to hear back from your chosen referee. Therefore we’re happy for you to apply through UCAS without the reference and provide it at a later date… preferably as soon as possible. It is always worth keeping us in the loop if your application has a reference outstanding, we would hate to assume that you just haven’t submitted one! We have many admissions teams here at BU, which all look after different subjects and courses, so different schools may have different ways of handling your reference. If in doubt- ask! That’s why we are called AskBU!

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