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Hi, I’m Nic and I look after Undergraduate Recruitment for BU.

This year is the big one! We know that whilst it’s exciting, planning to go to university can sometimes be a daunting process.

I’m one of a team of BU staff bloggers who will be sharing advice and guiding you through what you need to be thinking about, and when, over the next year and a half (or so) of your journey to university. Through this blog we hope to give you all the information you need, just as you need it.

Alongside the blog, our Bournemouth Uni Undergrads 2013 Facebook page is dedicated to people in your shoes, so take the opportunity to post any questions you may have, and remember, your questions may help lots of other students, so please ask away!

Have you decided which Uni to choose? Are you wondering how you will afford it, or even if it’s worth the investment? Maybe you want to know more about what makes a good personal statement, how to get the most out of an Open Day, or to find out more about BU, like what placements we have? It might be simply which of our accommodation blocks is nearest to the beach (there’s loads within a five minute walk actually!).

So until next time, we’re really looking forward to helping you on your journey into University life!

Nicola Murray-Fagan, aged 34 1/4.

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