Guest blogger Written by

Tsz Kam Yeung

Hello, I am Tsz Kam Yeung from Hong Kong, an MSc Events Marketing student. In comparison to other cities in the UK, Bournemouth is relatively warm and the hottest months are June, July and August, with an average temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius. There is not a lot of rain and we rarely have snow in the Winter.

Pack a scarf and a windproof jacket

When I first arrived in September, I struggled get used to the temperature in Bournemouth. Hong Kong is hot and humid, with temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius and lots of rain during summer. By contrast, Bournemouth is much cooler with temperatures of approximately 19 degrees in September, and it is sometimes very windy. I would recommend putting a scarf and a windproof jacket in your bag to keep yourself warm.

The dark and cold Winter months

You will notice the change in the weather starts in October. It gets darker earlier at around 4pm and the clocks change and move one hour back. You will definitely feel the cold at this time of year, but don’t worry because there are heaters everywhere, from the bus to the lecture theatres at the University, as well as in your student accommodation. Therefore, you don’t need to wear really thick clothes and can dress using layers of clothing, as you may feel much hotter when you are indoors.

The Beast from the East 

As you may be aware of, there was extreme weather across Europe at the beginning of February until March this year. The Beast from the East and Storm Emma brought a rare heavy snowfall to Bournemouth. The University had to close for few days and there were no bus services in Bournemouth. However, the snow didn’t stop people from going out. Everyone was very cheerful as we could build snowmen! I went to the beach and to the town to take pictures of the snow and it was very windy. The atmosphere was just like the Disney cartoon Frozen and everyone was singing ‘Let it go’, the title track of the film. But I must say, the cold didn’t bother me.

Zip wires and BBQ’s

Although the weather becomes warmer in the summer and the clocks move forward to British Summer Time, the difference in temperature during the day and night is still quite different. It could be over 20 degrees Celsius in the afternoon, but after sunset it can drop to 11 degrees Celsius. This is the best time of year to spend on the beach. People barbecue at the beach, swim and take part in water sports such as sailing. If you are not afraid of high speed, you could try The PierZip, which costs £18 for a single ride during the summer (April -September). It is the world’s first zip line that allows you to soar over the sea and down to the beach.

This is my experience of the weather in Bournemouth this year. However, the weather can vary every year. But I hope you will get to see some snow and have a white Christmas during your time at Bournemouth University.

Tsz Kam Yeung, MSc Events Marketing student, Hong Kong, 2017/18