My week at ORI – by Lottie Creasey

This week I had the opportunity to visit ORIBU in my half term. I had a fantastic time thanks to the ORI team and it has really motivated me in my aspiration to study medicine at university, showing me an entirely different side to the career.

Throughout the week, I was able to use some of the equipment in the ORI labs. I was even given the opportunity to use a virtual reality surgical simulator. These are used for surgical training as they give surgeons a chance to learn new skills in a no-risk environment. It was fascinating to talk with the PhD students about the further development of this technology and the expansion into other orthopaedic procedures.

I was also able to spend a morning in the Gait Lab. It was amazing to see how the GRAIL system could create a model of you, and analyse the way you walk. This technology allows ORI to see how different surgery or rehabilitation methods can affect a patient’s movement so recovery can be quicker and more effective in the future.

Another project at ORI is Cycling Against Hip Pain (CHAIN), a six week programme designed to help manage hip pain. I was able to take part in one of the education and exercise sessions. This was a really interesting part of the week as the programme is focused on minimising the need for hip surgery, rather than the recovery after.

The team at ORI were great and they even supported me in starting an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) based on osteoarthritis, which I’ll be able to use when I am applying for university. Overall, this week has been a really enjoyable and valuable experience.


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