Monthly Archives: July 2018

“My Experience at ORI” by Student Research Assistant Doriana Re

This summer I have started my Student Research Assistant Scheme here at the Orthopaedic Research Institute (ORI) along with the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA), after I completed my second year of Computer Animation Arts (BA) at Bournemouth University. My role was to support the development phase of an augmented reality based simulator, aimed… Read more »

Student Research Assistants at ORIBU

This month at ORI, we are delighted to welcome Mira Obersteiner and Doriana Re to the team as Student Research Assistants (SRA’s). Doriana is a Computer Animation Arts student who will be working closely with ORI PhD student, Mara Aguilera Canon to model, design and draw a virtual reality hip joint and Mako Hip Replacement… Read more »