Global engagement

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ORI’s global reach

ORI’s work is truly international; we work with a range of stakeholders, institutes, and industry partners. Based on our research, we aim to improve patient outcomes both locally and nationally, engaging with clinicians, patients and the public to influence professional practice. On a national scale, we work to influence changes to policy, standards, treatment guidelines and patient expectations through the dissemination of our research.

The Dorest Local Enterprise (LEP) has provided further funding to ORI for expansion through its global gateway project. This will see ORI open global hubs in order to facilitate wider impact and reach of ORI’s research and innovation. This project supports the Government’s ambition to place the UK as a global leader in the rapid development of technology by 2023, and Innovation 2020’s goal to engage 40,000 research personnel in enterprise.

ORI responds to the national need for new technologies by addressing the formidable and increasingly musculoskeletal challenges associated with ageing populations. Latest research indicates that hip replacements save the UK economy £70 million per year, and have returned thousands of people to the workplace. Therefore, ORI’s work, to further improve the outcomes of this surgery through virtual reality surgical training for surgeons, new types of hip replacement, enhanced recovery pathways after surgery, and on medical devices to reduce complications of surgery, is extremely well placed.