ORI Global Engagement

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ORI works internationally. Our global engagement programme has seen research and teaching visits to a number of countries, including the USA, China, India, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland, Canada, Italy, and Switzerland. Over the last two years, we have also produced a number of papers and presentations with international colleagues during what has been a busy and exciting first two years.

Conference Presentations

London Hip Meeting, CHAIN and GEKO programmes at London Hip Meeting, 10 Apr 2014, London

CoPMRE Twelfth Annual Symposium. Human Facing risk in healthcare., Reliable design for safety and quality improvement, 07 Oct 2015, Bournemouth

World Congress of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, A paper that changed my practice – Why still in hospital after fast-track hip and knee arthroplasty?, 27 Apr 2016, Lisbon, Portugal

World Congress of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, Panel Debate – Patient participation is the most important element of ERAS, 27 Apr 2016, Lisbon, Portugal

Physical Activity Evaluation and Scale-up Forum, An academic perspective on evaluation, 23 Feb 2016, Plymouth, UK.

5th ERAS UK Conference, Progress for ERAS across UK over last 5 years, 06 Nov 2015, Edinburgh, Scotland

Quality Improvement for Surgical Teams, ERAS Society Guidelines for Hip and Knee replacement, 20 Oct 2015, Newcastle, UK

Wessex Life Science Cluster Launch Event, The Bournemouth Orthopaedic Research Institute Story, 03 Mar 2015, Salisbury

Current Controversies in Orthopaedic Enhanced Recovery Conference, ERAS Society Guidelines. Hip and Knee replacement, 28 Jan 2015, Glasgow

AAGBI WSM, The ERAS Society Guidelines for Hip and Knee Replacement, 15 Jan 2015, London

British Society of Orthopaedic Anaesthetists 19th Annual Scientific Conference, Orthopaedic Enhanced Recovery: Fine tuning the process, 07 Nov 2014, Nottingham

AAGBI Enhanced Recovery after Surgery – Scottish seminar, Patient prehabilitation – is it useful?, 27 Jun 2014, Glasgow

Canadian Physiotherapy Association National Congress, The therapeutic effects of improved venous return with OnpulseTM technology, 19 Jun 2014, Edmonton, Canada

COPA Show Practice Growth, The therapeutic effects of improved venous return with OnpulseTM technology, 12 Jun 2014, London

Pediatric Rehab Expo, he therapeutic effects of improved venous return with OnpulseTM technology, 10 Jun 2015, London

Wales Podiatric Medicine Conference, Increased venous return in the leg: the physiological benefit, 04 Apr 2014, Swansea

Current controversies in Orthopaedic Enhanced Recovery Conference, International debate on “Is physio necessary post discharge?”, 31 Jan 2014, Glasgow

NHS Scotland National Conference – Reliable implementation and spread of enhanced recovery, How can we reliably implement and spread enhanced recovery across NHS Scotland?, 26 Nov 2013, Glasgow

3rd ERAS UK Conference, Implementing, spreading, refreshing or sustaining ER in practice – an interactive workshop, 08 Nov 2013, Birmingham

The pathway to a shorter length of stay: A Rapid Recovery Symposium, No excuses. Why every orthopaedic department should adopt enhanced recovery and do the right things right, 20 Jun 2011, London

1st UK Conference on Enhanced Recovery, Monitoring compliance to ER elements – local monitoring, 08 Sep 2011, Bath

Quality Improvement for Surgical Teams Conference, In-hospital rehabilitation modalities, 20 Oct 2015, Newcastle

RCN Society of Orthopaedic and Trauma Nursing International Conference and Exhibition, A review of the literature related to the role of nutritional supplementation for an enhanced recovery pathway for hip and knee replacement, 08 Sep 2016, City Hall, Cardiff

5th ERAS World Congress, Standardising Perioperative Care Pathways, 10 May 2017, Lyon

5th ERAS World Congress, Postoperative Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, 11 May 2017, Lyon

5th ERAS World Congress, Do the Hip and Knee Guidelines work?, 12 May 2017, Lyon

18th EFORT Congress, Physiotherapy perspective of fast track hip & knee., 02 Jun 2017, Vienna

Global Festival of Learning, China 2017, Transforming health in the digital age, 19 May 2017, China

Eurospine, ERAS in major spinal surgery, 12 Oct 2017, Dublin

Eurospine, The role of the ERAS Society- Guidelines, 12 Oct 2017, Dublin

Enhanced Recovery and Hip Fracture Care QIST 2017, Future of Orthopaedic ERAS, 17 Oct 2017, Newcastle

Enhanced Recovery & Hip Fracture Care QIST 2017, Rehab challenges post-op and post-discharge., 17 Oct 2018, Newcastle

Grand Rounds, Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine, ERAS in Orthopaedic and Spine Surgery, 26 Oct 2017, University of Miami, Miami, USA

Southern Central Council for AHP Research Network, ERP for hip and knee replacement patients., 08 Nov 2017, Southampton

7th UK Annual Conference of the Enhanced Recovery, Orthopaedics: Clinical scenarios & problem solving, 10 Nov 2017, Newcastle

7th UK Annual Conference of the Enhanced Recovery, Peri-operative care: Changing patient’s behaviour, 10 Nov 2017, Newcastle

7th UK Annual Conference of the Enhanced Recovery, Preoperative psychology intervention in THR & TKR, 10 Nov 2017, Newcastle

7th UK Annual Conference of the Enhanced Recovery, Orthopaedics: Take home messages, 10 Nov 2017, Newcastle

7th UK Annual Conference of the Enhanced Recovery, The Ken Fearon Prize Session (Chair), 10 Nov 2017, Newcastle

Corin Academy: New Realities in Hip Arthroplasty, Do proms scores tell us enough about the patient?, 17 Nov 2017, Cirencester

7th International Congress of Physical Sports Activity for Seniors, Effects of aquatic training on improving the physical condition among elderly, 18 Nov 2017, Malaga

Young Life Scientists Symposium (YLS), The influence of inspiratory muscle training on balance and functional mobility in healthy older adults, 25 Nov 2017, Derby

VII Portuguese Spine Society Annual Congress, Development of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, 17 May 2018, Lisbon, Portugal

6th World Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Congress, Speciality specific issues in an ERAS pathway – Orthopaedics, 23 May 2018, Sweden, Stockholm

6th World Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Congress, What is the current evidence for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy interventions in general surgical ERAS pathways?, 23 May 2018, Stockholm, Sweden

19th EFORT Congress, Virtual Reality (VR) Based Training Simulators For Orthopaedic Surgery Simulation, 31 May 2018, Barcelona

Innovations and Trends in Spine Surgery – 15th Medtronic Summer University, Patient Car from A-Z: How enhanced recovery principles and technology can improve patient pathways, 04 Jul 2018, Helsinki, Finland