Monthly Archives: June 2017

Bournemouth University’s Festival of Learning hosted by Orthopaedic Research Institute

This year at Bournemouth University’s Festival of Learning, ORI are delighted to be hosting two fantastic events for the public to attend. The evening begins with a demonstration of Orthopaedics in Action, where we will be showcasing our brand new Gait Real-time Analysis Interactive Laboratory (GRAIL). There are only three other GRAILs in the country,… Read more »

Why Hip Operation?

A particular area of expertise for ORI is osteoarthritis – a condition which clinicians in Dorset are frequently faced with, owing to the high numbers of older people living in the region.  By producing high quality research and teaching in this area, ORI has the potential to make a real impact on local and national… Read more »

ORI invited to Digital Orthopaedic Conference, San Francisco

Tom Wainwright attended the UCSF Digital Orthopaedic Conference San Francisco (DOCSF) in January. DOCSF aimed to create a platform for inventors and health care leaders to implement real solutions in orthopaedic care. Emphasising the importance of patient focused care, DOCSF outlined the factors as to why the orthopaedic sector can be a prime driver of digital… Read more »