Research and innovation

Professor Middleton and the Mako

ORI is pioneering the research into robotic hip replacement surgery by launching an observational study to evaluate the health outcomes from a Mako-Robotic-Arm assisted total hip replacement (the HELLO trial), in partnership with the Nuffield Health Hospital, Bournemouth.

Head of ORI, Professor Middleton has been involved in research into surgical robots since the 1990’s. His initial work with a group of scientists in London eventually led to the robots used today, and ORI continues to develop this work with the HELLO trial. The study is recruiting 200 patients from the Nuffield Health Hospital, Bournemouth, who will be evaluated using ORI’s world-class laboratories.

As the quality of available implants improves, hip replacements increasingly perform well in terms of function. Failure is usually more dependent on how they are inserted, rather than what type of implant they are. Operating a robot can achieve better accuracy of placement of a hip replacement than can be achieved in even the most experienced surgeons, and evidence is now emerging that demonstrates better outcomes for patients.