ERAS Research

ERAS Research at ORI

Professor Rob Middleton and Tom Wainwright’s work on ERAS over the last 10 years is an excellent example of how to fuse research, education, and professional practice in order to deliver Fusion. The successful implementation of ERAS has significant societal impact, as it improves patient outcomes and makes financial savings within the health service.

Introducing ERAS requires leadership and inspirational professional practice, accompanied with high quality research evidence to support its introduction, and inspiring educational interventions to help train and inspire staff.

Over the last 10 years they has continued to influence professional practice and promoted the introduction of ERAS by providing consultancy and training services to national bodies, private healthcare groups, and individual NHS hospitals. Tom Wainwright has also been an invited key note speaker on the topic at numerous national and international meetings.

ORI’s track record

  • 29 peer-reviewed journal publications
  • 33 international conferences presentation

Deputy Head of ORI Tom Wainwright

ORI’s international standing

Deputy Head of ORI Tom Wainwright work co-coordinating and leading the production for the hip and knee ERAS Society Guidelines will continue to influence practice internationally. The ERAS Society aims to develop perioperative care and to improve recovery through research, education, audit and implementation of evidence-based practice.Tom Wainwright is orthopaedic lead at the ERAS Society. Further, Tom Wainwright is director and treasurer at ERAS UK, which was formed to provide a form of society or network to share information and best practice. ERAS UK aims to improve patient recovery after surgery by promoting knowledge, understanding and research regarding optimal outcomes.

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