Student Research Assistants at ORIBU

Mira Obersteiner

Doriana Re

This month at ORI, we are delighted to welcome Mira Obersteiner and Doriana Re to the team as Student Research Assistants (SRA’s). Doriana is a Computer Animation Arts student who will be working closely with ORI PhD student, Mara Aguilera Canon to model, design and draw a virtual reality hip joint and Mako Hip Replacement robot which will later be used in Mara’s research. Doriana says:

Bournemouth University gave me the amazing opportunity to work as a Student Research Assistant for the Orthopaedic research institute. As a Computer Animation Arts student this allowed me to put into practice my skills and improve them. My studies at BU cover the ability to work with industry level softwares which are crucial within the workflow of my role at ORI. Working for ORI opened my mind to the many opportunities that my course offers; computer graphic studies can be utilised not only in the entertainment field but it is really important in health and medical industry as well. And I found using my knowledge to actually help people to be a great source of motivation.”

Mira completed her undergraduate degree in Public Relations at BU and is currently completing a Master’s degree in Media and Communication. Mira is working closely with the ORI team to help promote its world-class facilities. Mira is utilising her innovative marketing strategies to help drive forward ORI’s ethos, disseminate research and maximise research impact. Mira says:

“As a postgraduate Media & Communications student, I’m excited and thrilled to support the innovative research institute ORI to improve its PR activities and online presence. Being ORI’s first PR and Marketing research consultant I have been given an amazing opportunity to bring in new and fresh ideas to support ORI’s amazing work.”

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