Shay Bahadori joining the ORI team

Shay Bahadoriin May 2013 I received a first class Honour’s Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from The University of Swansea. I then decided to carry on with my studies and achieved a distinction masters degree in Bionantechnology in 2015 from University of Southampton. During my academic years, I was involved with wide range of practical lab based and taught courses such as Bionanotechnology, prosthetic engineering, rehabilitation engineering, biomechanics, engineering science and many more but ever since I have been looking to find an opening in which I can put those knowledge to practice

ORIBU presented me with an exceptional two weeks placement opportunity; I was tasked with analysing the effect of two different Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation devices on blood flow using a Laser Speckle Contrast Imager. This project involved setting up the Laser Speckle monitor, creating protocol and carrying out the study on 10 participants. The placement also provided platform to network with surgeons and to get a great insight to high quality Orthopaedic knowledge and learn about the importance of regulation within clinical trials.

It was by far the best and most exciting work that I have been involved with since graduating and I was ecstatic when I was asked to extent my 2 weeks placement with a role at ORIBU. I am currently working as ORI medical device laboratory technician maintaining and operating a wide spectrum of medical equipment and systems including virtual reality surgical simulators, enhanced recovery systems, Biometric EMG sensors, PRIMUS muscle analyser, GRAIL etc…. Through creating standard operating procedure for each device, my primary role is to setup and coordinate with internal and external lab users handling technical and operational activities of all ORI biomedical equipment.

My other involvement with ORIBU includes, research and publishing medical journal articles, representing our equipment in educational festivals, coordination with service personnel of various medical equipment companies, meeting with commercial representatives from medical device providers for further purchase of new device and  updating online social and interactive networks.

Given no other place in the world has the combination of state of the art medical equipment available at the ORIBU, my ambition is to become specialist in all of the devices currently available here. I am keen to achieve this within next few months through extensive pro-active personal research, attending training workshops and collaborating with other similar device users both in UK and abroad in order to become an asset to ORIBU and strive on its driving force which is to improve care in local area and to ensure that everyone gets the best possible treatment for their condition.


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