Three ORI papers accepted for publication this week

It was good news this week as 3 papers from the Orthopaedic Research Institute were accepted for publication. The articles demonstrate the diversity of research interests within ORI and also the collaborative nature of our work across the university.

The first paper, accepted by Medical Engineering & Physics is a “A Review of Virtual Reality Based Training Simulators for Orthopaedic Surgery” and was completed by Rob Middleton and Tom Wainwright in collaboration with Dr Neil Vaughan and Dr Venkitesh Dubey from the Faculty of Science of Technology.

The second paper was written by Tom Wainwright with colleagues from the Bournemouth University Clinical Research Unit (BUCRU) (Lisa Andrews, Helen Allen, and Zoë Sheppard) and a PPI representative. The paper is titled “More than just ticking a box…how patient and public involvement improved the research design and funding application for a project to evaluate a cycling intervention for hip osteoarthritis” and will be published in the journal Research Involvement and Engagement.

Thirdly, Tom Wainwright’s paper written in collaboration with Tikki Immins and Rob Middleton, titled “Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) and its applicability for major spine surgery” was accepted for publication in Best Practice & Research: Clinical Anaesthesiology.

Well done to all involved, and hopefully they will be the first of many for ORI.


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