Consultancy Project

Sport Student’s Consultancy Project Presentation at Thruxton Driving Circuit

Yesterday our Level H Sports students had their consultancy project presentations at Thruxton Driving Circuit. The students have been working on 2 projects for Thruxton as part of their consultancy project. One group, consisting of Faye Fisher, Nicola Page, Ben Gifford, Tom Deighton, Jake Roman-Capon, had to look at the driving experience that Thruxton offer… Read more »

Retail Management Graduate takes part in this year’s Retail Management Consultancy Project

Jeremy Fennell, the Ecommerce Director for Dixons Retail, has taken part in this year’s consultancy project which is part of the final year for retail management students. Jeremy graduated from Bournemouth university Retail Management degree back in 1998 and has since then worked his way up through Dixons Retail. Last year, Retail Week named him… Read more »