Sport Student’s Consultancy Project Presentation at Thruxton Driving Circuit

Yesterday our Level H Sports students had their consultancy project presentations at Thruxton Driving Circuit.

The students have been working on 2 projects for Thruxton as part of their consultancy project.

One group, consisting of Faye Fisher, Nicola Page, Ben Gifford, Tom Deighton, Jake Roman-Capon, had to look at the driving experience that Thruxton offer and how they could enhance the experience for the customer.

Whilst the other group, consisting of Tim Donald, Scott Taylor, Adam Dover, Joe Moverly, James Burr, had to analyse the Karting Circuit also offered at Thruxton and come up with ways to market that more efficiently.

 Thruxton is a very successful business so it was quite a challenge for the students to suggest improvements.

However, yesterday both groups that took part in the consultancy project came up with some innovative ideas and impressed the people at Thruxton.

This was a great opportunity for the students to not only have the experience of a real life consultancy project but also potentially to make connections for future employment.

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