The economic of tourism at the Visitor Economy conference at Bournemouth University

The economic of tourism at the Visitor Economy conference at Bournemouth University

It is fairly obvious that the number of tourists that visit and explore our towns have a significant impact on the economy. Places where tourists can be seen left, right and centre are bound to have a higher rate of employment of people in the tourism and hospitality industries. Understanding the tourism economy is essential in managing and maintaining sustainable visitor influx and destination appeal.

The developing world of tourism means that original models and practices need constantly to be refined. Models of tourism demand were one of the first to be developed in order to recognise what factors influence the drive of visitors in and out of certain destinations, and more recently, research has expanded into areas such as tourism competitiveness, the effects of touristic policies and taxes, as well as the econometric relationship between tourism and economic growth.

Bournemouth’s International Conference on The Visitor Economy: Strategies and Innovations taking place September 4-6th 2017 will contain presentations focused on the developments and key issues in relation to this topic. Subjects covered will include but are not limited to:

  • Tourism competitiveness
  • Economic models of tourism demand
  • Tourism policy and taxation
  • Tourism and poverty alleviation

In a buzzing world where tourism is becoming more accessible and apparent, understanding the economics of tourism is an important issue that will ensure tourism will continue to strive and develop, without damaging the economy of the destination in question. Make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity and book your tickets now.

Last date for early bird registration: 14 July 2017

  • Early Bird: £345
  • Full Delegate: £475
  • Student Early Bird: £190
  • Student: £240


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