New Publication: Tourists’ representations of coastal managed realignment as a climate change adaptation strategy

Johanna Schliephack, and Janet E. Dickinson 2017 Tourists’ representations of coastal managed realignment as a climate change adaptation strategy Tourism Management Volume 59, April 2017, Pages 182–192


•Tourists have a poor understanding of managed realignment.
•Managed realignment is anchored to existing ideas of coastal protection.
•There is some variation in the representation aligned to amenity use values.
•The representation has the power to mobilise the public in various ways.


In coastal destinations climate change adaptation is needed to address coastal erosion due to a combination of sea level rise and more frequent extreme weather events leading to loss of natural features and tourism infrastructure. Managed realignment is increasingly adopted as a strategy to address coastal change; however, this has often proved a contentious strategy with stakeholder groups. This study explores tourists’ representational framework of managed realignment and how this frames understanding of the concept, understanding of how coastal resources might change and implications for future visitation. Data compiled using a questionnaire adopted a social representations theory perspective to analyse how collective tourists’ ideas may serve to mobilise the public in various ways. In general tourists have a poor understanding of managed realignment anchored to historic coastal management strategies and contextualised by use values with consequent implications for tourism planning and coastal management decision making.

Keywords : Climate changeManaged realignmentSocial representationsCoastal erosion


Johanna Schliephack completed her MSc at Bournemouth University and is now working in the field of Sustainable Tourism for EarthCheck, the world’s leading scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory group for travel and tourism. Her research interests are tourism and climate change, sustainable tourism and visitor management.


Janet E. Dickinson is a Professor at Bournemouth University. Her research interests focus on mitigation and adaptation of tourism to climate change, the sharing economy, digital technology, social representations and time.

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