Proud to support the Dorset Magazine Food, Drink and Farming Awards 2016 @LifeFoodAwards

The Department of Tourism and Hospitality Bournemouth University is proud to support the Dorset Magazine Food, Drink and Farming Awards 2016. As a world leader in Food research Bournemouth University is lucky to lulworthestatework with the Dorset Food community, a renowned region for its top-notch produce and the passion of the people who work in the industry. This event celebrates the champions that makes this success reality.





rw1Dorset Magazine Food Drink and Farming awards celebrated the greatest passions is the food and drink produced in this county, and the farms from which that produce comes at a glamorous awards evening held at Lulworth Castle on October 6th. The awards are designed to showcase the great and the good in Dorset, and reward the hardworking people behind them, including suppliers and producers, small farming businesses, chefs, restaurants, pubs and hoteliers.


The Department of Tourism and Hospitality of Bournemouth University has very well established research on food, nutrition and wellbeing. Staff working in this area have a wealth of experience in both food service and nutrition, and managing projects ranges from large scale to those for SMEs. Professor Heather Hartwell and her team have investigated a number of issues, including food wastage and how it might be reduced; and alternative cost-effective feeding strategies, such as making a food choice at the time of consumption to help improve patients’ food intake and increase their nutritional status. They have also explored obesity and the dietary habits of students. This provided invaluable information to allow service providers to optimise their approach. In addition, Dr Sean Beer has been researching food and authenticity from a cultural perspective, comparing and contrasting commercial and academic perspectives on the nature of authenticity and the role it plays within the hospitality, tourism and leisure industries. The discussion commences by looking at the complex nature of the relationship between food and ourselves as consumers and then goes on to examine how society seeks to regulate the authenticity of food by using terms such as organic, protected and local.

Richard Ward Food and Beverage specialist at Bournemouth University represented the Department and presented the award.





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