Students from School of Tourism went to Germany

Students from School of Tourism went to Germany for a one-week study and work experience in a multi-cultural setting on a superb campus for the first time.

Students worked in 15 groups mixed with students from other universities over three and a half intense days on a real case (setting up a sports university in Saudi Arabia). Universities involved were German Sport University Cologne (students and staff were very impressed by their campus, facilities and the sports atmosphere), Hanze University Groningen, Coventry University, Bournemouth University and Qatar University. The BU colleagues actively involved were Dr Tim Breitbarth (co-organiser of game), Andy Callaway, Louise Hanlon-Brooks.

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Tim Breitbarth from Bournemouth University said: “each day, the students listened to 2 lectures delivered by myself and my Dutch, German and Qatari colleagues and had to work within their groups towards 2 assignments”. In addition, on the final day all groups had to provide their advice to the management board of the consortium bidding for the several hundred million project (in this case, the board were the tutors). In all the four teams that received awards, BU students played an active role.

“Students very much appreciated the trip and this opportunity for active cross-cultural learning. Also a few mutterers about the intensity of the workload, but guess this is a good sign” said Tim.

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“There were also social activities in the evenings and it was great to see how the international students mingled. In addition and as always, we had many very valuable discussions amongst the tutors and are working towards a number of future opportunities” said Tim Breitbarth.

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