The relationships between food and culture

Students at School of Tourism recently joined in a practical session where they made food to represent different cultures and ethnic groups including, Egyptian, Thai, Swedish, Spanish and Malaysian.

Food and Culture 3

The session was part of the option unit called Food, Culture and Travel and the aim was to explore the complex relationships between food and culture within an international context. The students made the food from scratch and worked to a professional level. The highlight was the presentation of the most amazing food allowing the students to sample the food they had cooked with apparent passion. The students talked proudly about the origin and the stories behind each item and left with an overall feeling of delight from the experience.Food and Culture 2

Food, Culture and Travel is an option unit offered to final year students and approaches food and culture from a commercial tourism and hospitality context as well as from a social and domestic context. It brings to bear a review on many aspects of food studies and encourages vigorous debate on a wide range of topics.

Food and Culture 4By: Hanaa Osman

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