Share your Vine and #BeYouBeCreative

Share your creative Vine with @SchoolofTourism & #BeYouBeCreative this week!

Vine is a twitter app to create and share short 6-seconds, looping videos.

To download the vine app to your smartphone visit

Free for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Some Do’s and Don’t’s on Vine

Do remember it’s only six seconds . . .

. . . so don’t try to cram too much in!

Do make use of stop-motion for some cool effects.

Don’t forget to use hashtags so others can find your video #BeYouBeCreative

Do involve your fans–Vine is great for collaboration and interaction.

Don’t post it until you’re happy. It’s too late for edits once it’s out there.

Do share it as widely as possible–Vine is meant for sharing!

When you have done your Vine -share via Twitter and/or Facebook and mention #BeYouBeCreative and @SchoolofTourism

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