Award winning, international event management company came for a visit

The Let’s Talk Events & Leisure industry insight series were happy to welcome Jo Mitchell and Martina Berlin – both Event Managers at Quintessentially Events  a multi-award-winning, international event management company delivering exceptional events around the world for leading luxury and lifestyle brands and discerning individuals.DSC_1563 2


Jo and Martina shared their perspectives and experiences from the industry and working at QE. They come from different backgrounds, Martina with an events degree from Bournemouth University and Jo a true entrepreneur who started her own PR company after finishing a degree in Dance Performance from Middlesex University. They both agreed that what is most important to become a good event manager is to have a good plan in place and keep cool under pressure.  Not always easy!  They also underlined the importance of contingency in the sector, e.g. have plan b, c and d ready in case.  In addition, they stressed the importance of networking and client management skills and  shared perspectives with the students into how corporate and private clients have varying needs and expectations which need to be made clear at the outset.

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The students learned about QE’s experience in planning and executing a number of events including the Animal Ball held at Clarence House that hosts over 600 VIP guests, including Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall, with Jools Holland among others for entertainment and the charity focus being the protection of Asian elephants and their natural habitat.  They also featured their work on the Dom Perignon Luminous Label Launch; Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Launch (220 VIP’s); transition of House of Barnabas in London by Official London 2012 sponsor Omega.  They also featured work of Quintessentially Weddings and their specially tailored and bespoke planning hosted in French Riviera and St Petersburg, Russia.  This real life application helps the students to see their course content applied in practical terms.

Also, both Jo and Martina were featured in BBC3’s Insider programme last autumn in putting a group of short-listed candidates through the paces in recruiting for an events manager at QE.

The company is managing events across the world, currently with offices in London, Cote D’Azur, Geneva, Dubai, New Delhi, Hong Kong and Singapore. Their business is continuing to grow and Jo and Martina were able to share details with students about their internship programme and related recruitment focus. They are looking for interns for the spring and summer.  For more information about those roles and the company please visit

By: Maria Näs & Mary Beth Gouthro

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