Are you passionate about licensing of events? We know someone who is!

This week Let’s Talk Events & Leisure had the privilege to welcome Philip Day, Solicitor and expert on the Licensing of Events from Horsey Lightly Fynn.

Horsey Lightly Finn

As a result of the Licensing Act 2003 there are a great number of regulations relating to licensing of events as well as many exemptions to keep track of. To make it even more complicated the exemptions keep changing over time. Philip said his job is about allowing people to have a good time without spoiling the fun!

Philip delivered what he calls the ‘idiot’s guide on licensing events’ and we got a crash course in what is licensable and not, what things you have to deal with when you ask for a license and how much it costs.

It was a great presentation from Philip who is very passionate and knowledgeable about licensing implications of events, and he delivered this important subject matter in an entertaining yet insightful way. The advice he wants to give to event managers is to keep it simple and try your best to involve and communicate with your stakeholders and locals.

Philip Day_ Philip Day

Philip is also Vice President and Legal Advisor of NOEA (National Outdoor Event Association)

By: Maria Näs

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