Bournemouth University has become the latest ITT Centre of Excellence

ITT has recently announced that Bournemouth University has become the latest ITT Centre of Excellence.

ITT created the Centres of Excellence status to recognise leading universities keen on working particularly closely with the Institute.

Universities with Centre of Excellence status will be able to use a dedicated logo, receive support in organising industrial placements, have access to high level industry speakers, have access to senior industry figures for research purposes and will grant an annual ITT Centre of Excellence Student of the Year award to a student identified by the university.

School of Tourism Dean Keith Wilkes commented “The School of Tourism at Bournemouth University aims to secure accreditation for all its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes by 2018 and recognition as an ITT Centre of Excellence is an important and much-valued part of the process.”

For more information on the benefits of being a ITT Centre of Excellence please see here

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