Bournemouth University Disaster Management Courses

Last month, the Bournemouth University Disaster Management Centre trained Bangladesh’s members of the armed forces, civil administrators and development partners on disaster management.

The course was organsied by the Armed Forces Division, aimed at building capacity across the civil administration, international organisations and the military, which would all be involved in the event of a major natural disaster in Bangladesh, such as earthquakes and floods.

However the course was also attended by members from the Ministry of Disaster Management, Department of Disaster Management, Police, Fire Service and Civil Defence, ICRC, World Vision, ECGO, UNDP, OXFAM, CDMP, ADPC, and OCHA.

The Disaster Management Centre are now taking bookings for their next set of courses to be run in July.

For more information please see the International Disaster Management Brochure (2013 IDMC Brochure) or visit the website.

If you have any queries please email Zoe Larrad on

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