Final Year Students take on the High Ropes as part of the STEEP Programme

This week 20 final year students went to Avon Tyrrell to undertake high ropes activities, archery and pioneering as part of the STEEP programme.

The student’s first had to take part in the high ropes challenge where they were kitted out with helmets and harnesses before they scaled the trees. The students had to complete the course that was around 40ft up in the air which included climbing a wobbly balance pole and hanging upside down at one point.

Throughout the group supported each other to overcome each obstacle.

After the high ropes, the students took part in some Archery, which a lot of them had never done before. The Archery encouraged team work but also individual competition.

After a hot meal the group were split into 3 for the pioneering challenge.  After being given 4 large wooden poles, rope and a bungee cord each team worked together to figure out how to make a self-supporting structure that would outperform the competition.

Final year student Camilla Larkan commented on the experience “It has been a fantastic day filled with challenges and so many more laughs, our activity guides were excellent and perfectly encouraging.

I definitely think that these STEEP activities should continue, they are so much more than a fun day out, and so valuable during this time of year when the pressure is mounting as we are able to escape the desktop and academic theory and apply logic and open minded thinking to real life challenges. 

 Today was a breath of fresh air!”

 The High Ropes Challenge was the last STEEP activity offered this year. The programme will re-open next year for final year students.

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