MSc Tourism Management Graduate Launches first book Arctic Reflections


We have previously bought you news about Christy Hehir, an MSc Tourism Management graduate who has written a book based on her PhD research in the Arctic.

On January 28th the book, Arctic Reflections; a Moment of Inspiration, a Lifetime of Action was officially launched at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels.

Christy and Luka Tomac joined forces to create a moving and insightful book capturing the experiences of their Arctic journey. Through personal testimonies collected by Christy as part of her PhD research into how travel can act as a stimulus to influence lasting environmental behaviour, and photographs taken by Luka Tomac of the sights witnessed, this book goes beyond simple impressions and acts as a poignant reminder that our planet is at great environmental risk. Importantly, it also offers positive examples of young people taking action through their work with electric vehicles, satellite earth observations, youth engagement, the use of law in addressing climate change… and hopes to inspire the reader to join participants’ projects or indeed start their own.

 During her speech at the launch Christy summarised her Arctic Action Plan into three words; knowledge, engagement and responsibility and questioned the celebration of the billionth international passenger in 2012 versus a growing conscience that calls for the reduction in our everyday carbon emissions.  She concluded, “It is urgent that we agree on an appropriate course of action together.”

 Now launched, the book will be distributed to European Members of Parliament and key influences, plus there are plans for photography exhibitions in Zagreb, London and Oslo.

 Congratulations to Christy for this great achievement.

For a preview of the book, please click here. To order your copy of Arctic Reflections or for more information please email @christyhehir

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