A day in the life of a Computer Visualisation and Animation student (Nanna’s BU Instagram student takeover)

First year (Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation student Nanna took over the BU Instagram account for the day. Here is what she got up to… Nanna studies Computer Animation & Visual Effects and she's taking over our insta on Friday to show you what her average day looks like! #takeoverbu #belongatbu A post shared by Bournemouth University… Read more »

Make the most of Open Days

Open Days are very important when it comes to choosing your course; it’s the perfect opportunity to experience Uni in a way that you’d never be able to by just reading about it. When you attend Open Days at BU there is a lot to see and do but also lots of current students in… Read more »

My BU RAG experience: How far can you Leggit?

How far could we leggit? The question my best friends and I were determined to answer when we decided to embark on one of BU’s Raising And Giving (RAG) Society’s challenges: The ‘How Far Can You Leggit?’ Charity Hitchhike. Our challenge? To be the team who could get the furthest away from Bournemouth in just… Read more »

Getting around in Bournemouth: The More Buses

Getting around Bournemouth and Poole doesn’t have to be expensive. The More Buses operate within most of the Dorset and Wiltshire counties, with a choice of ‘zone’ tickets which differ in price based on just how far out of Bournemouth you would like to travel, and maybe most importantly some services run all night long…. Read more »

Making the most of your time at BU

Moving to university can be a daunting task for all of us but one of the most important things I’ve learnt over my three years of belonging at BU is to make the most out of your time at such an amazing uni. You can easily get swept up with the thought that you have to go out… Read more »

Home vs Library – The studying debate

Where is the best place to study? It’s an argument that goes all the way back to the time when universities first opened their doors. Essentially people are split in two parts, those who believe that you should study in the comfort of your room and those who think studying at the library is the… Read more »