What is ResLifeBU? And its perks!

Choosing between all of the accommodation options at Bournemouth University can be challenging, but luckily living in any of the BU Halls of Residence (full list available here) will give you access to ResLifeBU, including their social events, clubs, and more! My name is Andrew, and in my first year studying at BU, I lived… Read more » about What is ResLifeBU? And its perks!

How to feel at home when you’re away from home

Being away from home in a new place is scary enough, especially if you’re too far away from home to visit regularly. I was quite lucky as I’m from the south of Hampshire, and my home was only an hour’s drive from Bournemouth. Still, I moved into Purbeck House during the pandemic, which meant seeing… Read more » about How to feel at home when you’re away from home

Purbeck House accommodation

My first year experience in Purbeck House

  Hello. Watch my vlog below to hear about my experience living in Purbeck House – just one of BU’s accommodation options that you can choose to book. I’ll show you around the bedrooms that you get and the kitchen. I hope it helps give you an idea of what to expect from this halls!