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My name is Zoe Chinnock, I am originally from the Cotswolds in the UK and I am studying BA (Hons) Events Management at Bournemouth University. Going to university has always been a goal of mine and when I attended the Open Day at Bournemouth, the versatility, and the opportunities that the course offered me seemed like the perfect next step for my journey.

I wanted to take every opportunity given to me, therefore when the chance to study abroad came, I took it, and France was the perfect option as I had not explored France and French was a language I learned at GCSEs. I was also keen to make friends with people from across the globe and wanted to experience a new culture. The process of applying to study abroad was simple and there was a lot of support from tutors and the outgoing exchange team who guided me through the process swiftly.Zoe standing in front of a big #I Love Nice sign

I arrived in Nice one week before the semester started to ensure that I could settle in and have everything that I needed. I immediately loved the atmosphere that Nice had, with a very Italian feel to it as it is so close to the border. Although a lot of the restaurants serve pizza and pasta, there is still the presence of French culture with numerous bakeries to pick up a croissant and French specialities to indulge in; Socca being one of them.

My accommodation was situated in the centre of Nice, only a 20-minute walk to the beach, 10-minute walk to the business school and a 5-minute walk Nice-Ville train station which made it very easy for me to go on day trips across the South of France. I found my accommodation through the international exchange team at IPAG business school, and it was very easy to organise my deposit, and my arrival with the landlord. In my opinion, the prices of rent in Nice are very comparable to the prices in the UK and I was paying 640 euros per month including bills in a large flat with 3 other people.

The course delivery and structure at IPAG was a lot different to what I was used to at Bournemouth university. The main difference being there was not a set timetable, the classes were 2 hours long and all units (apart from research methods) were 50% exams. The difference in the timetable from week to week made it difficult for me to form a routine, however this wasn’t too much of a problem whilst studying because I had no other commitments such as a part time job.

Also, the 2 hour long lectures were an adjustment to begin with, however it was useful as a lot of content could be taught within the class and it allowed more time for exercises and discussion. I found the exams difficult because from the age of 16 I have been working towards qualifications that were all coursework based. Although these factors were not what I was used to, it allowed me to experience a new way of working and adapting which is a crucial skill for the future.

If there are any issues, IPAG has international coordinators that I found very helpful and attentive when I came to them with issues. I made sure my accommodation was recommended by the business school so that I knew there was good relationship with the school in case I had any problems to discuss. Also, the IPAG website offers lots of help on FAQs that may help any questions you may have.

WaterfallStudying in Nice in the spring semester from January until May was an unforgettable experience. I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture and language, which was challenging but rewarding. Nice and its surrounding towns are beautiful with a vibrant atmosphere, and I enjoyed exploring their many attractions. From the stunning beaches to the picturesque old town, there was always something new to discover.

I met many interesting people from the business school who were from different parts of the world, and made some lifelong friendships. The classes at IPAG were intense, however they were manageable and I feel that I gained valuable knowledge and skills. Overall, studying in Nice was a transformative experience that broadened my horizons and gave me a new perspective on life, that I would recommend to anyone wanting to complete a similar experience!

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