Take a good look around

Getting a glimpse of what it means to study at BU, seeing the crowds, getting a feel of the town and the Campus was, for me, one incredible experience. Since I’m a student of the School of Tourism, I got to tour around Talbot Campus. However, since Lansdowne Campus is very much a part of… Read more »

The BIG Leap

By Daphne Oliveras Being a PG student at BU has given me a chance to face new challenges and rise above them like nothing before in my life. I’m not even out of my first semester and I already feel like a much better stronger person for having come here. One week after arriving at BU… Read more »

An International Welcome

By Daphne Oliveras The best advice I can give you when coming to Bournemouth for the first time is: enjoy all the support opportunities BU offers to make this seaside town feel much, much better than home. Specially those extra nice ones set up for new students on the magical weeks known as Arrivals Week…. Read more »