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Two students speaking to an askBU Students' Service adviser at The HubBy Daphne Oliveras

Being a PG student at BU has given me a chance to face new challenges and rise above them like nothing before in my life. I’m not even out of my first semester and I already feel like a much better stronger person for having come here.

One week after arriving at BU I learned that funding from my country would not come through in time. I learned that I could appeal that decision so I contacted my Pathway Leader, and the support I received was incredible! From writing letters to supporting the appeal, from offering extra time for writing assignments by completing a mitigating circumstances form to talking to the finance department for me, everything was done so that I could stay at BU.

So far, I have four part-time jobs, so some weeks I sleep less than others! I know I’m lucky because I’m an EU student so I can work as much as I like, but even International students (if on a Tier 4 visa) can work to either help pay for their expenses, or just for the extra spending money.  Two of my jobs are with BU itself. I’m a Language Facilitator for Spanish conversation for Language@BU and I’m also a Student Ambassador. My other two jobs are a direct product of the amazing tourist and student town that Bournemouth is. I’m a waitress for an Indian restaurant and also an English Tutor for the many students who come here to learn English.

I won’t lie. It hasn’t been a complete stroll in the park, but everyone (including students, lecturers and even bus drivers!) have been so kind. They have helped me to keep my spirits up and to think of this as the biggest opportunity of my life, and to rise above the obstacles that sometimes get in the way.

Come to BU and find the challenges that you’ll be able to rise above!