My 10 money-saving tips

Diana Pelino from Italy studies Computer Animation at BU. She has been living in Bournemouth for just 3 months and has already learned several ways to save money. Watch her video to find out more.

Going through Uni life on a budget

I am Yi-Hsin Chen from Taiwan studying MSC Events Management. As students, most of our spending is on food and drink. Managing to eat healthy while also saving some money is worth considering. Here are few tips I always follow. Hopefully they can help you save some money too. Cook from scratch Try not to… Read more »

Keep spending to your budget limits

I’m Sandra Achim from Romania, studying MSc Events Management. Being a student means that there’s always going to be limitations on how you spend your money. Budgeting is very important, but you can still have a social life, enjoy good food, drinks, and many other activities by using student discounts. How can you do this?… Read more »

The time to save money is when you have some

I am Martina Gardeva from Bulgaria studying MSc Tourism Management and Marketing. As students, many of us struggle with living expenses because we are trying to be careful with our money, want to have fun, and have an exciting social life all at the same time. Have you ever wondered how you can save some… Read more »

Learning to budget from experience

I am Ella Aaltonen from Finland studying BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art & Design. When I first arrived at university three months ago, I decided to make a budget for each week. I withdrew the budgeted amount of cash and lived of that money for the week. It worked…for a while. Everybody has their own… Read more »