Better Late than never?

Did you decide today that you want to go to uni only to find the deadline has passed? That’s ok, you can still go. And the choice is either to wait until next year (putting the deadlines in your diary now) or see what is available to late applicants. Deadline doesn’t mean dead-end.

Applicant Open Days

These days are designed for anyone who’s been made an offer by BU, and would like an opportunity to visit us and learn more about their specific course. These events are an optional extra to help you make your decision and therefore you are not required to attend. If you’ve previously attended an Open Day… Read more » about Applicant Open Days

Interview sessions

Some courses may ask you to attend an interview session. These sessions are designed to ensure that you have the right background and skills-base for the course, as well as give you the opportunity to find out more about us. Some sessions are on a one-to-one basis, others include group sessions. If you’re invited to… Read more » about Interview sessions

Why I Chose BU…

By Leroy-Winston Scott 3rd year BU student, BA (Hons) Events Management This is where I am supposed to write why choose BU, instead I can only write why I chose to follow my passion. I believe a great deal of our ‘greatness’ comes from us believing in what we can achieve, and I feel that… Read more » about Why I Chose BU…